Get Dirty Down Under

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Will Stewart
Owner and Manager of CampersOZ.
Will has over 35 years experience with the Top End of Australia having lived and worked in Broome in the Kimberley region and Cairns for the last 23 years. He started CampersOZ in 2005 and implemented the 4WD and Camping Gear Hire aspect of the business in 2008.
Cape York Hire staff
Annie Peacock
Partner in CampersOZ
Annie came into CampersOZ as a Partner on 1st January 2019. She is very enthusiastic to be a part of the CampersOZ Team and has a wealth of knowledge particularly with remote areas of Northern Australia. Annie’s focus will be on the FLY/DRIVE aspect of the business and she works directly with Stephen McConnell, our Seisia Agent in cape York.
Annie is a great photographer. Many of the photos on this website were taken by her.