We receive a lot of enquiries about our 4WD, Camping Gear Hire and Premium Guided Tours, and even our Online Shop facility. To save you time check out these common questions we are asked. They are arranged by Category.

Q.Can we rent just a tent and some chairs or do we have to rent one of the Equipment Packages?
A. You can rent just one tent, or one camp bed or just an esky but please be aware we do have a minimum rental value of $25.00.
Q. Do we have to book equipment or can we just arrive at the shop and hire then?
A. As we are the only business that offers Camping Gear hire it is advisable to Book your equipment especially if your booking is during the busy period from May to October. You can still just come to the shop and hire equipment then, but we cannot guarantee we will have everything you want in stock.
Q. Once we have a booking can we then change the equipment we have booked?
A. You are welcome to modify your booking as much as you like up to 30 Days before you Pickup. After this 30 days any changes made will not have a price change made, unless more equipment is added to the booking.
Q. Do you charge or take a bond on the equipment we rent?
A. No, We do not charge any Security Bond (* See 4WD RENTALS FAQ's). However, we do take a copy of your credit card and we would only ever use this in the event any damage or loss of equipment occurs.
Q. Once we have Picked up can we extend a rental?
A. In most cases yes this is quite OK. IN our busy season - May to October - it may not be so easy, unless we have plenty of notice.

Q. Can we have a 4WD rental for just one or two days?
A. No, our minimum rental period on a Level 1 Large 4WD is 5 days, On a Level 2 Large 4WD it is 3 days. On a 4WD Bushcamper the Minimum Rental is also 5 days for Level 1 and 3 Days for Level 2 vehicles, but 7 days between 12 December and 16 January inclusive For Level 1 4WD vehicles.
Q. Are we allowed to take the vehicle on the Old Telegraph Track or the CREB Track?
A. Yes. There are a few sections of the OTT that require advanced 4WD driving skills. The onus is on the Hirer to know what their 4WD driving skills and competency are . Remember: The Hirer is responsible for the vehicle - completely.
Q. Can we undertake Cape York with one of your 4WD Vehicles?
A. Yes, you can undertake any road or track anywhere in Australia provided it appears on a Hema Brand Map and is accessible (ie: Not a private station road).
Q. Is there a Security Bond taken on our vehicle rental?
A. NO, unlike nearly all other car rentals we do not take a Security Bond/Deposit which is taken at the start of the rental. We ask you to put forward a Credit Card, which we copy, and then have you sign to authorise CampersOZ to use this card up to the Damage liability amount in the event damage occurs to the vehicle.
Q. What standard equipment do your vehicles have?
A. All Level 1 4WD Hire vehicles(except Jeep Wrangler) are fitted with Bull Bar, Roof Racks and Luggage Rack, Dual Battery system with Isolator, Snorkel, Towbars with Electric Brake controllers fitted and Long Range Fuel Tanks.
Q. Do we have to bring the 4WD vehicle back clean?
A. YES! If you know you are going to get the vehicle dirty then we do offer a Cleaning Package which can be prepaid when you Pickup the vehicle and then you just bring the vehicle back in dirty. This is quite a popular option as it does take our staff over 6 hours to clean a dirty vehicle inside and out - PROPERLY!
Q. Can we hire Camping Gear if we do not get our 4WD Hire from you?
A. Yes. We receive a lot of customers from other 4WD and Car Hire businesses who just want to hire some camping gear from us.

Q. What exactly is a Premium 4WD Guided Tour?
A. Our Premium 4WD Guided Tour includes everything - all meals, drinks, selected wines and light beers (limits apply), Fees, Permits, all stated included tours and activities and the services and knowledge of our Tour Guide.
Q. How many people do you take on the 4WD Guided Tour?
A. We only take 4 passengers. The fifth person is our Guide/Driver. This ensures the guests really do get personal attention.
Q. Do you allow for "Tag-Alongs" on your Tours?
A. Yes, but we only allow two other vehicles to "Tag Along" . We offer our Guided Tour customers a unique experience as we have only 4 people in the Tour so they all get personal attention. If you are joining us as a Tag Along, you would need to bring everything including your own food and equipment. Like all Tag Along Tour Operators we do charge a Tag Along Fee for you to join one of our tours, but we believe ours are the cheapest rate.
Q. Can you cater for various dietary needs (Eg: vegetarian, Gluten Free)?
A. To a degree. Let us know what specific dietary needs you require and we can see if these are viable.
Q. Can we join a Tour "part of the way" as a Tag Along member?
A. Yes… just let us know the dates you would like to be "on the tour for".