For a 4WD and Camping Gear Hire holiday there are so many destinations up here in the Top End -

Elim Bay - Far North Queensland
Estimated time needed… 3 - 4 days
Elim Bay 1
Located on the Leeward side of Cape Bedford, Elim Bay offers and amazing tranquility and surroundings.
Eddie and Ivan, the traditional owners of this little piece of paradise welcome everyone with open arms. Clean and shaded areas and toiletrs/showers make this a perfect rest stop. Stay two days or 2 weeks. Fishing off the beach and if you ask Eddie or Ivan they may give you pointers on where to get the Mud Crabs.

CampersOZ boasts a reserved Camping ground right on the waterfront for our customers.

You really need to make sure you put a stay at Elim Bay of your itinerary.

Laura Dance Festival -
30th June to 2nd July 2017
Laura Dance
This Festival is held every two years and is truly remarkable experience for anyone who attends. This three day event covers a huge spectrum of aboriginal dance, art and culture. Featuring performers from the whole of the Cape York Area this Festival is a must for everyone, but book tickets early. If you are requiring any vehicles or gear from us please book very early as we can run out of stock in March due to excess bookings for this amazing event.

As we are proud to be associated with Laura Dance Festival please just use this Link to view the Festival Website

Estimated Time needed... 10 days
The “Last Frontier” of Australia. An amazing combination of varied landscapes, breathtaking National Parks and varying Cultures.
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Cape York occupies the entire part of North Eastern Australia from Cairns upwards and covers an area nearly the same as the UK. The “Tip” - as it is affectionately known is the Northern most point of the Australian Mainland and is a very popular destination. Along the way there are many exciting places to Camp and see. Fishing is great .

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Estimated Time needed...3 days
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The Daintree and Cape Tribulation of North Queensland really should be on everyones "To see list" if they are coming to this region. The Daintree is only a one and half hour drive from Cairns north up the Captain Cook highway and there are other places to visit on the way. This region is easily accessible with a normal car or for the more adventurous traveller a 4wd Bushcamper hire trip.
Port Douglas is a short 45 minute drive north from Cairns along a coastal drive that offers continuos sweeping views of the azure Coral sea. The town of Port Douglas has come a long way since its early days as a gold mining port and then onto a local sleepy hollow. It now sports a 5 start yacht marina, reef trips to the Great Barrier Reef and a multitude of shops, restaurants and resort hotels.

A short drive further north from Port Douglas and you reach the lovely town of Mossman. This town has a stunning natural gorge - Mossman Gorge - where it is safe to swim and the water is crystal clear and cool. Upon departing Mossman it is easy to follow the signs to the Daintree. To actually get to the Daintree River crossing you turn off a few kilometres before the actual Daintree village. The ferry trip across the Daintree River costs (at time of writing) $10.50 per vehicle one way. Once over the river then you are on your way to Cape Tribulation.
Cape Tribulation is all sealed roads so it is ideal if you are in a normal 2WD vehicle. Take it quite slow as the roads get very curvy and are in some places quite narrow. As you drive on up into the Cape Tribulation region you will come across Tea farms - Yes - Tea.
There are a variety of Eco centres and many other local adventures into the rainforest including crocodile tours. Rainforest Canopy Surfing is a very popular activity here.


The beaches along this stretch of the NE Queensland coast really are beautiful though beware of crocodiles as they do inhabit this area. Fortunately, for those hot days, there are a number of safe swimming holes (Mason's for one) where the visitor can cool off.
There is a range of accommodation types in this area from basic camping to 5 star luxury resorts so
Cape Tribulation is one area that really does cater for all tastes and budgets.

A popular option is to do a 4WD hire camping adventure - to Cape Tribulation and then continue north to Cooktown by the Bloomfield track. This is an interesting travel option and one main feature on this drive is the infamous Lions Den Hotel.


Estimated Time need 3 Days and more
Set amongst the Creeks, Ridges and Gullies of the Old Hodgkinson Goldfields (circa 1875) this wonderful destination combines the old and the new. Tyrconnell is located just 31 kilometres from Dimbulah so is a two and a half hour drive from Cairns. Most of this is bitumen and only the last 31 kilometres is unsealed but pretty good road.

The Mine

The site offers a range of accommodation options from camping by the creek to Heritage cottages all well appointed. Modern ablution facilities and your hosts Tony and Sheilagh Peterkin are always welcoming. Tyrconnell offers a range of great outdoor activities including gold prospecting, Swimming and canoeing on the dam. The old poppet assembly and mine (137 years old) are still standing and operational so you can really see how hard it was for the miners back in the Gold Rush Days.

Miners Cottage

A lovely "special touch" offered by Tony and Sheilagh is the "Sundowner Platter" - Watch the sun going down over Mount Mulligan with nibbles and refreshments… the perfect way to end a day at Tyrconnell Outback Experience.

Mine image

Tyrconnell is also a very popular destination for Bird Watching with a wide variety of species and this is a popular pastime combined with some great Bushwalks. A Bushwalkers guide is available from Tyrconnell and this details degrees of difficulty and times.
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Another big bonus with Tyrconnell Outback Experience is its Crowd Free and Personal so BOOKINGS are essential.

Estimated Time needed…The longer the better
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Located just a 50 minute ferry ride from Cairns, Fitzroy Island offers a very good quality camping ground, right on the waters edge. Snorkelling, swimming and Scuba Diving are all options here or just lay on the beach and soak up the sun as you look out over the tropical azure sea.

The Island boast a very picturesque Camping Ground and is an ideal destination with one of our Getaway Camping Gear Hire packages.
thumb_IMG_0807_1024 thumb_IMG_0808_1024

The Island is a National Park with an interesting past but now features the wonderful Fitzroy Island Resort. Located on the shores of Welcome Bay the Resort offers a 4.5 Star holiday experience to guests. A variety of room types are on offer and there is a variety of restaurants, bars and the mandatory "swim up" bar. All the islands attractions are within easy walking distance so this is a fantastic destination if you want to experience "Island Life" in the tropics.

The Resort also manages the picturesque campaign ground facility but places are limited for this. To view the Fitzroy Island Resort website - Click Here .

There are a number of excellent walks available on the island ranging from easy to fairly strenuous.
Nudie Beach
A one kilometre walk through the rainforest and skirting the water front with regular glimpses over Welcome Bay and to the mainland. An easy walk with a lovely sandy beach at the end. Although it is called "Nudie" beach it rarely is used that way, so its quite safe.

Fitzroy 4

Secret Garden
This walking track leads more into the island and gives an excellent "Eyes ON" view of the vegetation on the Island. You may encounter one of the large Goanna (Lizards) that inhabit the island. The walk finishes near a dense rainforest section of the island and you should see some of the abundant birdlife.

Lighthouse Walk
This is quite a strenuous walk and covers some very steep inclines so take water with you. Its a 1.8 kilometre hike but the view from up the top at the lighthouse is fabulous. 360 Degree views around the island and you can see many of the other coral reefs that are part of the Great Barrier Reef. This walk is a great workout with a great panoramic reward.

Fitzroy 2

Turtle Rehabilitation Centre
This is quite new to Fitzroy Island and was established to nurture and care for turtles that are sick or have been damaged and need help in some way. The facility does offer tours but they only take 15 people on a tour so make sure you book in.

There is SCUBA and Snorkelling and for this who don't want to get wet - Glass bottomed viewing boats.

The island is very popular due to its close proximity to Cairns and the diversity of eco systems.

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Estimated Time needed - 4 - 5 days is ideal
This very unusual National Park is located 300 kilometres south west of Cairns and offers visitors a unique experience.

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The Lava Tubes here are one of the best examples of this geological phenomenon in the world. Approximately 165,000 years ago a very large volcanic disturbance erupted and spewed forth millions upon millions of tons of lave over an area of 1,650 square kilometres. The area covered went from near Atherton ion the Tablelands near Cairns south west to Undarra and on to Mount Surprise.

As the surface lava cooled the lava underneath that had followed creek beds continued to flow out from under the cooled surface and formed the Lava Tubes as they are today.

Undarra panaroma image Undarra Lava Tubes image

The Tubes are really quite astounding and Undarra Experience offers regular tours through these caves.
There are large populations of Rack Wallabies, Eastern Grey Kangaroos and the caves themselves are inhabited by many bats, but not to worry Girls! these bats are not going to have a go at you.
There are a range of walking trails ranging from 2.5 to 12 kilometres. These tracks are graded as to their difficulty level but common sense should always be applied.

Estimate time needed - 3 Days
Home of the regions white marble. Formerly a successful tin mine, you can walk around the ruins of the old mine and it gives you a good idea what it must have been like in the past - working away in the heat and dust.

There is a nice camping ground in Chillagoe town and there are numerous caves to see. Most of these can be undertaken with a tour guide and the experience is fascinating.
The white marble is still quarried here and much of it is exported overseas to Italy and other european countries to be transformed into a variety of marble products.
Chillagoe is about a 3 hour drive from Cairns to the East and the road is all sealed. This is a great place for a Camping Gear Hire getaway as you get a great view of the Savannah land country on the way. The locals are friendly and the beer is cold at the bottom pub.
Estimated time needed...5 - 7 days
Discovered by James V Mulligan in 1873, the Palmer River Goldfields became the biggest Alluvial gold rush in Australian history, with over 3 million ounces of Gold discovered. Rumours say that the same amount again was removed and discreetly sent off to China This gold rush established the ports of Cooktown, Smithfield and Cairns.
Louisa Mine Boiler
The Palmer River offers an awesome camping experience for the whole family. Try your hand at gold prospecting with a Gold Pan - you never know you may pay for your holiday. There are historic ruins to walk around and all located within 6 kilometres of the old historic town of Maytown. There are camping areas in the region but there are no facilities so be prepared.
Main Swimming holeView up to House Site

A visit to Baytown and the cemetery are a must and to read the headstones and feel the remoteness of this area is quite spiritual in some ways.The goldfields are about a 4 hour drive from Cairns to the Northwest and the last 70 kilometres of the trip are really for 4WD vehicles as the road is unsealed and does get a lot of traffic. There are quite a number of creek and gully crossings to traverse.
Estimated Time needed - 8 -10 days
This National Park, located near Lockhart River is recognised globally as a Birdwatchers haven and we have a regular client base that visits this area.
Iron Range 1 Iron Range 3

Located near the Aboriginal Community of Lockhart River the park encompasses the Iron and McIlwraith Ranges between the Pascoe and Rocky Rivers. The Park has been a destination for birdwatchers for years and many just keep coming back.

The Park has international significance for it contains the largest remaining area of lowland forest in the whole of the country.

The Aboriginal name for the park - Kutini-Payamu - means " Cassowary" - "Rainbow Serpent" so the area is extremely important for Aboriginal people - the Kuuku Ya'u people.
Parrot Iron Range 2
One of the most well know residents is the Eclectus Parrot (pictured) though other popular (though sometimes noisy) birds are the Palm Cockatoo and the Rifle Bird.

Access to the park is either via The Peninsular Development Road and turning right onto Portland Roads drive , 35 kilometres north of the Archer River roadhouse then continue on Portland Roads Drive going through the junction of Lockhart River Road.

An Alternative access route is via Frenchmans Track which runs off the Old Telegraph Track. This turn off is 22 kilometres south of Moreton Telegraph Station. But BEWARE ... This track is poorly maintained and access should only be done by experienced 4WD'ers with proper recovery equipment.

Estimated Time needed - 6 - 8 Days
Lakefield National Park offers a stunning variety of landscapes. Located about a 5 hour drive from Cairns there are three ways of getting into the Park. The main route is by the Peninsular Development Road to Laura and then 2 kilometres north of Laura is the turn off into Lakefield. The other route is via the Battle Camp Road out of Cooktown. The third entry is via Coen on the Peninsula Development Road with the Lakefield turn off at Musgrave Roadhouse.
Lakefield NP 1
The Park has substantial Aboriginal Cultural significance with many site associated with occupation, ceremonies and stories of ancestral spirits. The area is also holds a wealth of European cultural heritage with early explorers and geologists and very direct links to the Palmer River Goldfish of the 1870's.
4WD and Camping Gear Hire to Lakefield image
The Park has three major river systems - The North Kennedy, Normanby and Morehead rivers and after the wet season (December to March) these rivers start to shrink as they dry and leave areas of wetlands, lakes, lagoons and waterholes that attract a large variety of animals and waterbirds.

The Park is closed during the wet season as once the rivers flood the whole area becomes a vast wetland and travel within the park is often impossible and dangerous, due to the water levels.
The main attractions, though certainly not the only ones, are:-

  • Red Lilly Lagoon - Stunning water plants abound as this holds water all year round.
  • Catfish Waterhole - One of the deepest and permanent waterholes on the North Kennedy river.
  • Low Lake (Rarda-Ndolphin) - wide variety of flora, this is another excellent site for bird life.

During the dry season another constant resident are the Estuarine Crocodiles, or "Salty" as they are more commonly known. These range in size from babies to up to 5 metres and they regularly patrol a number of the waterholes, particularly Catfish waterhole as it so appropriate care should be taken near waterholes.
Lakefield NP 4 Lakefield NP 3
The Lakefield National park does offer a fantastic diversity of habitats and eco systems and camping is permitted at many areas. Camping permits must be pre-booked and purchased from the Department of Parks and Wildlife, as there are a limited number of campsites throughout the park.

The region offers a great opportunity for anyone to see a very remarkable area of Far North Queensland. Campersoz offers 4WD and Camping Gear Hire packages to get you into any of these areas.

PLEASE NOTE: "The "Estimated Times needed" that are stated for each destination are approximations. We have had many customers spend 2 days at Fitzroy Island and say it was enough. Others have spent a week there.