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CampersOZ is small family owned 4WD and Camping Gear hire business which offers a range of three (3) types of 4WD Hire vehicles. All our 4WD Hire vehicles are proper 4WD’s with High and Low ratio range and all are allowed Off Road though some simple conditions apply.

All of our vehicles have the following Off Road extras fitted as standard:-
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bull Bar
  • Snorkel*
  • Dual Battery System with Isolator
  • Roof mounted Luggage Rack
  • Pull out side Awning
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Tow Bar & Electric Brake controller
  • UHF Radio fitted to vehicle
  • Recovery Kit
  • Floor mats
* May not be fitted to Pajero vehicles.
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Our vehicle daily hire rates have been the same for 3 years though unfortunately our expenses have not. As from 15th May 2019 all our Vehicle hire rates will increase by $10.00 per day.

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Medium 4WD
Mitsibushi Pajero 7 Seater - 3.8l V6 GLS Wagon

A great vehicle for smaller group or family of 4 wanting to get away into the Daintree and Cooktown area or undertake a fabulous trip to Cape York. These vehicles have proven themselves Off Road many times.
Daily Rate (Vehicle Only) From $150.00/Day inc Insurance and unlimited Kilometres(Peak Season)
Cairns 4wd hire
Large 4WD
Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series GXL Wagon - 4.5l
The real workhorse when it comes to getting Off Road. These vehicles will seat up to 7 people and they have proven themselves as an excellent, reliable and great performer. Suitable for Cape York and all other areas.
Daily Rate (Vehicle Only) from $170.00/Day inc Insurance and unlimited kilometres(Peak Season)
complete 4wd hire
Luxury 4WD
Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series GXL Wagon - 4.7l V8
The largest 4WD in our fleet and great for Off Road. These vehicles will seat up to 8 people and they have proven record as an excellent, reliable and great performer. Great for Cape York and all other areas.
Daily Rate (Vehicle Only) from $190.00/Day inc Insurance and unlimited kilometres (Peak Season)

BAMAGA PRICINGS - All rentals from our Seisia office attract an additional $90.00 per day Hire fee.

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With CampersOZ just select which car suits your needs the best - Medium up to Luxury 4WD - and then choose from a range of Camping Gear Hire Packages or just hire some camping gear that suits you for your trip. Our most popular Camping Package is the Bushcamper Kit. We have over 14 years experience matching customers with a suitable 4WD Hire Vehicle and camping package to suit them exactly. If you’re not sure what is your best option then simply call or email us for some advice - and that’s always free.

We have some great 4WD Hire specials available right now - Have a Look at these SPECIALS

Whether its a quiet 4WD Hire getaway or a full Off Road adventure into Cape York, CampersOZ has the right 4WD, the right Gear and the 23 years local knowledge to ensure your trip is memorable.

email us with your 4WD Hire and camping Package “Wish List” and we’ll put a complete package together for you.

2 / 254 Lake Street, Cairns North, Queensland 4870 AUSTRALIA
TEL: +617 40417474

* Some conditions apply

  • CampersOZ - All About Us
    CampersOZ is a local family business located in the Cairns area in North Queensland. We offer a wide range of camping equipment rentals, along with 4WD hire Cairns to Cape York and off-road camper trailer rentals to customers from all around Australia and the world. Our main aim is to help you explore, experience and discover parts of North Queensland, particularly the magnificent Cape York. This part of Australia is known as one of the last frontiers of this continent and with the help of CampersOZ, your trip here will become an unforgettable experience.
    Even though CampersOZ is a small family business we have a combined industry experience of over 33 years. We are very well acquainted with the Queensland region and we offer premium tours and services to adventurous 4WD travellers. In addition to our Cairns 4WD hire services, we offer you a camping experience that is not only memorable, but full of new things to see and experience. Our
    Premium Cape York Tours and Outback 4WD Guided Tours to Cape Tribulation, The Daintree, Lakefield National Park and Cape York are especially popular among our customers. Each of these tours includes 4WD hire Queensland and you will have a friendly, knowledgeable and qualified Eco Guide to make sure you get the best experience as safely as possible; and they will be able to guide you to all sorts of fun-filled activities and adventure.
    Furthermore, CampersOZ is a company committed to providing the best customer service in town. Our team values our customer's satisfaction and safety very highly and we are therefore your go-to guides for expert advice and information related to various Cairns car hire 4WD and adventure camping options.
    Our Vision Statement
    When it is about getting out into the bush, CampersOZ provides a unique and all-encompassing experience for our customers. Our goal is to not only ensure our customers visit and get to know all about the different sites, but at the same time, learn something valuable during their trip. CampersOZ aims to provide its customers with the opportunity to see, smell, taste, explore and experience the different cultural aspects of northern Australia, along with enjoying the scenic beauty and the thrilling activities.
    Our Crew
    Will Stewart founded CampersOZ in 2005 and started 4WD Camper hire Cairns and Camping Gear Hire and Rentals in 2007. He has been living in the fascinating top end of Australia - from Broome to Cairns - for more than 35 years and he has acquired a great store of knowledge about the local area. His passion for camping, sailing and music has always encouraged him to help tourists visiting the area to fully appreciate all the great sights and experiences on offer.
    Other important crew members include Wade Kelle. Wade Kelle, with his long list of credentials and extensive experience, is a high level bushman and a wonderful Eco Tour Guide. He always brings his endless enthusiasm to the tours, making him a great and excellent team member.
    Our crew are trained and knowledgeable to ensure that you will have a great experience touring with us. You can easily contact us by clicking on the ‘
    Contact Us’ page of the website and then either give us a phone call or fill in the contact form. The CampersOZ team are always here to help.
    At CampersOZ, you can get all the necessary gear for your next adventure under a single roof. Whether you are looking for an Australian 4WD hire or whether you want some camping gear, you will find a plethora of options at CampersOZ. In addition to this, you can register for one of our many 4WD Cape York Premium Guided Tours. It is a very easy process: check out the different packages on our website, select your 4WD vehicle of choice along with a Bushcamper kit, or book a Premium guided tour. Below are more specific details of the different services we offer.

    CampersOz - Australian 4WD Hire

    At CampersOZ, we offer 4WD Hire Cairns and 4WD hire Cape York services along with a wide range of camping gear and equipment for hire. All our vehicles have automatic transmission and come with proper air conditioning; dual-system battery with isolator; long-range fuel tanks; UHF radio fitted to the driver's console with an aerial; bull bar; snorkel exhaust; pull-out side awning; tow bar with electric brake controller; 4WD recovery kit; and a full-sized roof luggage rack and bag on all our medium and large size vehicles. Moreover, you can get a complete Bushcamper Kit with all our vehicles.
    Vehicles at CampersOZ are available from $140/day. These rates include full insurance and unlimited kilometres. In addition to this, all our vehicles are serviced every 6000 kilometres in our own fully-equipped mechanical workshop.
    Our large-size 4WD vehicles are either a Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series V8 Wagon or a Toyota Landcruiser 100 series GXL. Our medium-size 4WD is the Mitsubishi Pajero GLS Wagon. You can browse several budget-friendly
    complete 4WD hire options on our website and select the one that suits your preference.
    4WD Guided Tours
    CampersOZ offers two, five and fourteen-day 4WD Fully Catered Premium Tours in the Cape York, Daintree Tribulation and Cooktown areas. We do, however, limit the number of people on these tours to four people for our Premium tours and five people for the Outback Tours.
    The reason for this limit is that CampersOZ believes in providing its customers with really personalised attention. This helps to ensure our customer's individual needs are catered for more effectively. Our 4WD guided tour is led by our experienced and friendly Eco tour guides and include opportunities for cultural interaction. You can also join in as a tag-along and be a part of the diverse learning experience we offer. You will, however, need to cater entirely for yourself, except for a few complimentary services.
    Every tour offered by CampersOZ includes a hotel pickup and return service; air-conditioned and fully equipped 4WD vehicle; premium Tour with fully catered meals breakfast, lunch and dinners and Fully Accommodated ; and our professional friendly and knowledgeable Eco guide.
    Below is a list of the Premium 4WD Guided Tours offered by CampersOZ.
    Please note that we consider a child to be someone under ten years old. Please visit our
    Premium Tours web-page for pricing and a detailed description, with many pictures, of the key activities during these tours.

    CampersOz - Premium Tours

    • 5 Day 4WD Guided Tour to Cape Tribulation, Cooktown, Elim Bay and Lakefield National Park.

    This 5-day fully catered tour comprises visits and stops at the Rex Lookout, Daintree River, Cape Tribulation, Marrdja Boardwalk, Emmagen Creek, Bloomfield Falls, Black Mountain, Archer Point, Cooktown and Isabella Falls. You will also get to visit the historic Old Laura Township and the Lakefield National park.

    • 10 DAY 4WD Premium Guided Tour to Cape York - A “DRIVE / FLY” Package
    This tour includes visits to the beautiful Port Douglas coastal drive, the Daintree River, the Daintree Ferry, and the rest of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region. You will also get the chance to see the Emmagen Creek, Wujal Wujal Falls, the Bloomfield River, Black Mountain, and Cooktown on this tour. All tourists will get to camp out at CampersOZ’s exclusive beachfront camping area at Elim Bay.
    During the tour you can visit the Isabella Falls for a swim and then head on to the historic site of the Old Laura Cattle Station through the Lakefield National park. Later on in this tour, you will also get the chance to go on a breathtaking 4WD jaunt up to Bathurst Bay to camp under the stars.

    Camping Gear Hire

    Along with 4WD hire services, you can also select a camping package for your tour. This package can be customised for your specific needs: you will be provided with everything you will need. Below are the camping gear hire packages we offer. The daily rates mentioned for each package are applicable for one to five days of hiring. To further assist you, CampersOZ also offers great discounts if you want to rent the camping gear for a longer time period.
    Please visit our
    Camping Gear Packages web-page for pricing.

    • 2 Person Getaway
    Includes a 1 x 3 person dome tent, two self-inflating air-mattresses and two folding camp chairs, a LED solar rechargeable light, a single burner butane stove and a thirty five litre esky.
    • 4 Person Getaways
    This package is for $35/day. It includes a 1 x 4 person dome tent, four self-inflating air-mattresses and four folding camp chairs, a LED solar rechargeable light, a single burner butane stove and a fifty litre esky.
    • 4 Person Escape
    This package is for $45/day. It includes a 1 x 4 person dome tent, four self-inflating air-mattresses and four folding camp chairs, a LED solar rechargeable light, two burner butane stove, along with a three kg gas bottle, and a forty-two litre 12/240v fridge-freezer.
    • The Bushcamper Kit
    This package is for four people and is available at $65/day. It includes two four person dome tents, four folding camp chairs and camp beds, one folding camp table, a LED solar rechargeable light, a two burner butane stove with a three kg gas bottle, a kitchen kit for four persons, a fifty litre 12/240v fridge-freezer, a twenty litre water container, and a nineteen litre solar shower.
    • The Prospector Kit
    This package is for four people and costs $90/day. It includes two four person dome tents, four folding camp chairs and four camp beds, one folding camp table, two LED solar rechargeable light, a two burner gas stove with a three kg gas bottle, a kitchen kit for four people, a fifty litre 12/240v fridge-freezer, a 4WD Recovery Kit, a Minelab X-terra 705 Gold Detector, along with two "gold pans" and two gold sieve "Classifiers", a Mini Recirculating High Banker prospecting tool with a pump battery and twenty litre bucket, and a medium 3.5 x 7.0 metre tarp with poles, pegs and guy ropes.
    These packages can be easily modified according to your personal needs. However, the last two packages do require a large 4WD vehicle or a Dual Cab vehicle.
    A Last Word From CampersOZ…
    CampersOZ offers the best services in the North Queensland area and has a competitive edge as its staff are all trained Bushmen with extensive knowledge of the land. Furthermore, our expert Eco guides offer customers lots of informative historical and cultural information about the region, along with an opportunity to experience the traditional aboriginal culture at its best.
    You can check out the rest of our website for more details about our packages and get information about the numerous beautiful destinations you can visit. Look at the pictures, browse our cost packages, and plan your next trip with us. We are the best tour guides in the Cape York and Cairns region, and can set you up with premium facilities and services during your trip.