Our Cape York Tours for 5 and 9 Day are 4WD Fully Catered 4WD Premium Tours and take in the Cape York, Cape Tribulation/Daintree and Cape York areas.

We only take 4 people on each tour so you really get personalised attention but you do need to book early. All our 4WD Guided tours are fully inclusive and fully catered.

All our Tours Include:-
  • Hotel/Resort PickUp and Return,
  • Large Air-conditioned fully equipped 4WD Vehicle
  • Custom built Heavy Duty Fully equipped Off Road Trailer - On our 5 and 9 day tours
  • Premium Camping Equipment
  • Fully Catered Meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Morning and Afternoon Teas - On our 5 and 9 day Tours
  • All evening meals on the 5 and 9 day trips offer an A-La-Carte menu.
  • Complimentary Wines and Mid Strength beers.- On our 5 and 9 day tours. (Limits apply)
  • Complimentary farewell Champagne, Crackers and cheese platter at the end of the tour.
  • Qualified, experienced and very knowledgeable Eco Guide.


Daintree 2
5 Day 4WD Guided Tour - Lower Cape York
Ocean to Outback to Rainforest
Tour Price - $1,750.00.00 pp ($1,050.00 Child*)

This 5 Day Fully Catered tour comprises:-
Pickup from your hotel by 7:30am

  • 4WD Hire and Guided Tours destination image

  • OzCampers-36

Tour Price - $3,105.00 pp ($1,865.00 Child*)
Tag Along Price - $1,350.00 per vehicle
  • Pickup at your hotel by 8:00am
  • North along the lovely Port Douglas coastal drive and up to the Daintree River.
  • Onto Bruce Belchers Crocodile Boat and off to view these prehistoric critters - we call them "Creek Puppies".
  • Then its to the Daintree Ferry and into the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region.
  • Continue to Marrdja Boardwalk looking for that elusive Cassowary.
  • Northward again to Emmagen Creek where your guide will prepare a sumptuous lunch while you swim in crystal clear fresh water - crocodile safe
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  • Take in Wujal Wujal Falls and the Bloomfield River then…
  • Onto The Lions Den hotel for refreshments.
  • Afternoon Tea is at Black Mountain which is shrouded in mystery - like Hanging Rock in Victoria
  • Onwards to Cooktown for the Cooktown Tour
  • Then finally off to CampersOZ exclusive Beachfront Camping area at Elim Bay where there is fishing or catch your own mud crab and have it for dinner.
  • Day 2 is an early start and straight to Isabella Falls for a swim
  • Then via the Battle Camp Road the tour takes in the southern part of Lakefield National park until we get to Old Laura Cattle station - an historic site.
  • From Old Laura we head north and right into the heart of Lakefield NP to Kalpowar for Lunch.
  • In the afternoon its a great 4WD trek up to Bathurst Bay where we again camp under the stars. Here there is fishing and oystering and some good opportunities for "walkabout".
  • Bathurst Head Camping scene

  • On this, Day 4, its back south to the Old Kalpowar ruins and west through Lakefield to Musgrave Roadhouse for Lunch.
  • Now northbound up the Development road we stop at the historic township of Coen or an overnight Camp.
  • After an early breakfast the tour continues to Portland Roads where we again stop for the night, with some fishing or R & R.
  • Day 6, and north up to Historic Lockhart River WW!! tour followed by morning tea.
  • Over to Moreton Telegraph Station for lunch and then onward to Archer River Roadhouse for afternoon Tea.
  • From Archer River we detour over to Weipa for an overnight stop at Weipa Tourist Park.
  • In the morning those that would like to can take a Weipa Mine Tour while others can choose some R&R or some great Gulf Country fishing.
  • After lunch at Weipa its back on the road to the Peninsular Development Road and then Northeast to Portland Roads in the heart of Iron Range National Park.
  • Stunning 4WD Guided Tour Sunrise image

  • Day 8 and on to the infamous Old Telegraph Track and into Elliot and Twin Falls where its safe to swim and you can wash off the days dust followed by another great Dinner and camping under the stars.
  • Next morning a quick detour to take in Fruit Bat Falls and then off for the Jardine River Ferry crossing.
  • Followed by a quick stop in Bamaga to stock up a little and then onto the sea port of Seisha and to Loyalty Beach for a more relaxing afternoon tea, followed by Dinner and a good nights sleep.
  • Day10 and its time for a complete change. We take the ferry over to Thursday Island and Horn Island for a day trip. This trip is followed by Dinner on the beach under the stars.
  • Guided Tours Cairns under the stars image

  • The next day and down to the WW2 plane crash sites and morning tea.
  • Then a brief stop at the "Croc Tent" - we leave that to your imagination.
  • Finally onto our destination - Cape York or "The Tip", as we affectionately call it, with complimentary champagne and cheese and crackers.
  • Next on the itinerary is a stop at Somerset - What could have been " The Singapore of the North" if the Jardine brothers plans had worked out.
  • Then over to Punsand Bay for lunch followed by a return to Loyalty Beach for Dinner on the beach and maybe stories around the campfire.
  • Chinese Tour

  • An early breakfast starts Day 12 where we head back to the Jardine River Ferry and then back down the Old Telegraph Track to infamous "Gunshot Creek".
  • 4WD Guided Adventure tours scene

  • Lunch at Gunshot Creek while we watch the 4WD'ers make it or break it - more entertaining than watching the footy.
  • Off to Heathlands Ranger station and onto Bramwell Junction for refreshments.
  • Back to Moreton Telegraph Station for afternoon tea and then on to Archer River for Dinner under the ghost gums and melaleuca's.
  • Day On to Coen with morning tea by a creek, then to Musgrave Roadhouse for refreshments.
  • Back "into the bush" and to Old Laura River crossing - subject to water depth we may have lunch in the river.
  • The afternoon takes us back through Lakefield National park arriving at Cooktown for afternoon tea and the Cooktown Historic Tour.
  • After Cooktown it's a short drive south to Archer Point with great photo opportunities of the coast and the Coral Sea.
  • The tour continues to move south and eventually comes to Yillindi Country - Traditional aboriginal lands.
  • OzCampers-65

  • This country is the Traditional lands of CJ Fischer and Helen where you are welcomed by CJ with a special traditional Aboriginal "Welcome to country" ceremony followed by bush tucker and a detailed rainforest walk with a later swim at Roaring Meg Falls and a visit to the amazing "Caterpillar Dreaming".
  • Unfortunately we eventually have to farewell Yillindi Country and make our way into "The Lions Den" Hotel where we set up Camp out the back and get rid of some Cape York dust at the bar.
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  • This, Day 14, is our final day but it is packed with great sights.
  • Down to the Bloomfield River and take in Bloomfield Falls then a stop at Emmagen Creek for a swim and lunch.
  • With a stop at Cape Tribulation Beach for a beach walk and some light exercise.
  • Then onward for a Daintree taste treat at Floraville Ice Creamery.
  • As we get to the southern end of the Daintree region we do head up to Alexandra Lookout for great view of the Daintree River and an insight into the history of the region.
  • Finally its off to Port Douglas for the Port Douglas Tour which is followed by a waterfront stop near sunset with complimentary champagne, cheese and crackers.
  • Then back down the scenic Port Douglas - Cairns road when we return you to your hotel safely.

  • A Child pricing is for any child under 10 years of age

  • A Tag Along tour is where you can join us with your vehicle and be apart of the tour and learn from our guide and meet new friends - you cater entirely for yourselves - except for our complimentary champagne, cheese and cracker events.


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