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4WD and Camping Gear Hire and 4WD Guided Tours in Cairns.We focus totally on getting our customers out with 4WD and Camping Gear Hire packages and Premium 4WD Fully Catered Guided Tours for trips to Cape York, Iron Range and Lakefield National Parks, Elim Bay, Cape Tribulation and the Daintree regions.

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We have two Levels of 4WD Hire vehicles and a wide range of Camping Gear Hire for every budget. From just a 3 man tent for two days or a complete 4WD and Bushcamper kit for 4, or even 8 people, to Cape York, Iron Range NP or Lakefield NP - or all of them. We can also cater for large groups. Contact us for more details.

Our Fully Catered 4WD Guided Tours to Cape Tribulation, The Daintree and Lakefield National Park offer those of you who don’t want the driving hassle to just sit back and relax. Our Tour Guide(s) have a wealth of experience and local knowledge and are something of a master chef when it comes to cooking “outback”. Enjoy A-La-Carte dinner menus, informative and factual information about the history, both white and indigenous, and a great experience you will always remember.
4WD and Camping Gear Hire and 4WD Guided Tours - ALL UNDER ONE ROOF - ready for your 4WD and Camping Gear Hire adventures and camping trips. Combine one of our 4WD Hire vehicles with a Basic or Full Bushcamper Kit and get out there and and see this remarkable region.

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